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Coverage Areas

Lakes Area Rescue provides emergency medical services (EMS) to Crow Wing County, Cass County and Brainerd. The map below shows the current areas we provide services for within both counties. 

  • First Assessment District

  • East Gull Lake

  • Fort Ripley Township

  • St. Mathias Township

  • Crow Wing Township

  • Oak Lawn Township

  • Nokay Lake Township

  • Long Lake Township

  • Daggett Brook Township

  • Maple Grove Township

Lakes Area Rescue Coverage Shaded in RED 

Text labels are assigned "F" Fire Department, with First Responder Zone. (FIRE Dept./First Responder Zone)

Lakes Area Rescue Covers Zone 1 and Zone 2

*** Map Data Above is from public county GIS ***

Crow Wing: Crow Wing County Hub (

Cass: GIS/Map Services | Cass County, MN (

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