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Lakes Area Rescue and Zone 1 First Responders Partnership

May 1, 2024

Strategic merger with Zone One First Responders of Crow Wing County

We're thrilled to announce our strategic merger with Zone One First Responders of Crow Wing County! This partnership will significantly enhance our emergency medical services (EMS) capabilities across Crow Wing and Cass counties, bringing together the expertise and resources of two very well established first responder organizations.

The two organizations will unite under the existing Lakes Area Rescue name. In the coming months, both departments will collaborate closely to integrate their operations seamlessly.

Expanded Coverage Area:

This partnership broadens our service area to include First Assessment District, East Gull Lake, Fort Ripley Township, St. Mathias Township, Crow Wing Township, Oak Lawn Township, Nokay Lake Township, Long Lake Township, Daggett Brook Township and Maple Grove Township ensuring that more residents have top-notch emergency response services.

Lakes Area Rescue will provide essential emergency services to a community of over 16,000 residents and an area of 350 Sq. miles. The map below shows the updated coverage area.


Why This Matters: Combining forces means:

1. A larger dedicated team (now over 50 members strong) of highly skilled volunteers to serve our community.

2. Increased response capabilities to our coverage areas.

3. More resources for community events, where we provide EMS support and coverage for BLA events.

4. Increased public outreach and education opportunities, CPR/First Aid training for our community.

5. Grow our fundraising and support networks, crucial for acquiring equipment and funding training for our team.

6. Better and uniformed training opportunities for our members. Ability to bring in the best resources to train our members.

7. Positions Lakes Area Rescue for our next endeavor, into rescue operations.

This strategic move is designed to enhance our response capabilities significantly and highlights our commitment to our BLA community members and visitors.

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